We love to entertain… ourselves mainly… and it’s a comedy show much of the time, with white walls and floorboards for a stage.

I’m generally referred to as Old Master, because of my artistic tendencies rather than my age – of course. My trusty assistant, and the star of the show, is the inimitable skinny slave. The rest of the cast is a large, wonderful and courageous collection of volunteers. I do my own ropes.

You may be amused to hear that I know nothing of photography and don’t even possess a camera. All my pictures are taken with a mobile phone, or more recently a tablet (I can see the screen better). Lighting is provided by desklamps and the wonderful natural light in my studio.

Our aim is not to promote or to criticise anything; we only seek to raise questions.


Troupe of Slaves book – available here in softback

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  1. I always will be a fan of your work!

  2. Dear OM,

    Discovering the Troupe’s existence has been bittersweet.

    On the one hand, your deliciously subversive and erotic images, gently, but effectively, lampooning the British Establishment are uplifting, funny and sexy. But on the other hand, as an amateur photographer for well over 30 years, I am saddened by the fact that I will never ever have the imagination and creative spark to create such a unique portfolio as you and your friends have done. Hell, I doubt I will have the time left in this World to meet, develop and maintain such plainly rewarding and intimate friendships – even if I start now and work at it 24/7. And, to make matters worse, you use natural light and an iPad! Argghh. Where did I go wrong?

    Having viewed and re-viewed your photos several times (each time finding another optimally placed and singularly effective body part or object, hidden in plain sight), I am having an existential crisis. My current experiment with studio-based, fine art, nude photography is so shallow, clichéd and one dimensional compared to your body of work. It’s back to street and documentary photography for me. All aspirations to become a fetish photographer have evaporated. You buggers have set the bar wayyyyyyy too high.

    Seriously though, I am a new fan. And if there are any of your photo books left, I am just about to click on your link and order one.

    Please do not respond to this overlong msg. I enjoyed reaching out to proclaim my simpering adoration and that is sufficient for me.

    I very much look forward to seeing your next images. Indeed, I shall order a large bib in anticipation – to capture the inevitable drool that will fall from my slack-mouthed countenance as I linger on each pixel of your amazingly crafted creations.

    Hmm, maybe a bit too much.



    (A message we received on another website and posted here)

  3. I find this concept and the creative product that has come from it to be inspirational to say the least! How did this troupe come about? Do you have any advice for me looking to start a similar group in the Midwest USA?

    • Troupe of Slaves says

      Thank you, yes the troupe came about organically from producing pictures that in turn inspired more people to want to be in them – a snowball effect.

  4. Love your style and your use of ‘ordinary’ models. So much more natural and sensual than plastic bodies. Your images are proof that older ladies can still be erotic . Thank you for furthering the cause.

  5. Troupe of Slaves says

    Thank you Steve,
    I have replied to your email.

  6. well what is left to say beautiful sensual sexual wonderfully expressive and i cannot but love the tongue in cheek side of it all .
    you really rock thank you for sharing so magnificently all such fun and such a turn on ..
    blessed be well bev aka connyngman

  7. Apple_of_Eden says

    I’ve enjoyed reading erotica for years. Now I enjoy visualizing erotic stories through your photo art.

    There’s never just one-story when I look at your photos. Each time I look at them I see something new, something more diverse, something deeper than the first time I had the pleasure of seeing the photo.

    First I see the photo as a whole. Then I look at the individual(s) in the photo. And examine the emotion on their face (s). Then I take into account everything surrounding what draws my eye first. I’m always amazed by the stories your art tells.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing part of yourselves…and your artistry with us.

    May your imaginations continue to run wild! And may you continue to provide so much pleasure to those of us who share in your art…fun…play…work!

  8. kittykat33 says

    Old Master and his Troupe of Slaves consistently blow my mind. Always witty, sometimes mysterious, and frequently a thing of beauty. 
    I am so lucky to have stumbled across this work; each piece makes me draw a deep breath and a sigh of admiration. I often come back to gaze and the smile that arrives on my face stays with me all day
    Thank-you, all of you, for being *you* with all that entails, and especial thanks to OM for wrangling you all in such a deeply evocative way, particularly skinny who has my heart.

    (Originally posted on KFS Media)

  9. jim serdut says

    LOVE your art…………sensational…………..thank you

  10. Absolutely stunning photography(without a camera!), Love your work, thank you for sharing!

  11. Hiya OM, your book arrived today and I gotta say it’s awesome.
    Love the pics, paper stock, binding and subtle cover.

    I work in libraries so know a thing or two about books and whilst I have no idea if you got it done cheap in some Slavic union by a bunch of slaves I’ll say it’s a great effort.
    It even passed the sniff test.
    Hell, even my vanilla housemate thought it was awesome.
    Great job and much respect to you all and please keep up the good work.

  12. amethystguy from Fetlife says

    I really love your photos, they are engaging, uplifting, thought-provoking and arousing, probably some of the best erotica I’ve seen. A lot of other photographers are too abstract and joyless, their work so contrived there is no creativity. Each one of your photos tells a story, each viewer can imagine a unique story I love that! Your models are beautiful, especially Skinny. Everyone seems to have great chemistry and i think those good vibes come through in the photos.

  13. Quite possibly the best fetish photographer the world has ever seen! It’s no exaggeration to say that Old Master’s work is in a league with Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. Congratulations to him and his entire troupe!!

  14. David Elvy says

    Brilliant artwork and photography. As a keen photographer and ‘rigger’ I very much appreciate your use of light and greyscale images. This for me is really magnificent artistry without the need for thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment and lighting pods. Art at its best. The images speak for themselves.
    Truly inspirational, thank you to all who made this beautiful book possible. It is a book I will return to time and time again.
    Thank you Tim for bringing this book to my attention

  15. jim sedrut says

    What a unique place to display beauty……………………..

  16. This is yet another testimony to the fact that the photographer, his models, and the mood they are able to create, are way more important than his equipment!


  17. Wow, these are simply stunning. Well done, I love your work xx

  18. Absolutely superb!!

  19. Hello you lot

    Its good to see all your pics together. Things are moving on……

    Big hugs x

  20. Dear OM,
    once more thank you very much for your wonderful photos.
    They are now shown on our home page.
    Sincerely, Janus and Ippoliti.

  21. fuckinbrian-mm fetlife says

    All of your work is Wonderful, and inventive! Thank you all!!

  22. Catherine Hamilton says

    Your work is stunning! It makes me think – and makes me laugh – and overall, just wish that I lived nearby and could participate! We appreciate you sharing with all of us.

  23. abbi jones says

    the photos are simply stunning erotic sexylicious and look great fun to make, im a total sub and love the predicaments your subs are in with other ‘artistes’ present and watching mmmmm ,keep making these amazing pictures please xxx

  24. I have only just discovered your fantastic photographic works of art, so honest, so humbling, so inspiring…. not to mention so highly charged and erotic.
    Congratulations on making a passing female sooo horny! Are you still producing photographic works of art? Would love it if you could keep me posted on any new photosessions!

  25. Allan Ray says

    Creativity is your tool….not the camera…or in your case the tablet!


  26. This makes the mind open. No barriers just free thinking…………….abstract interpretation…….. all my love jafas photographer thankyou

  27. jim sedrut says

    love your art! Playful, sophisticated, erotic. Thank you :)))))))))))))

  28. How dare you produce such outstandingly brilliant work with such low tech equipment. How the Devil am I going to justify my expensive photographic purchases when I can’t get anywhere close to your genius. Harumph

  29. I love these photos – imaginative, witty and provocative, a real pleasure!

  30. Pure Perfection! Absolutely Spectacular! Magnificent! Portrayal of my Fantasies and Dreams!!

  31. Your work is amazing. Such a pleasure to browse. Thank you.

  32. Andrew Mann says

    I love your Troupe’s erotic images that do not take themselves too seriously. Please keep busy doing just that.



  34. Such amazing concepts in your photography. Thanks so much for sharing!

  35. I complimented with you and I’ll reiterate. There are some stunning pieces of art on this page! Every single picture has a story to tell, I love the fact that you cannot immediately quite figure out what’s going on in the scenario… suspense, eroticism, and witty humor. Thank you for sharing this.


  36. Amanda (CryogenicFire) says

    Mesmerising, ironic, playful, positively pixilated! ……………………. even a fist full of adjectives would need a few adjectives more (awful Clint bastardisation I know but I’m in a punny mood this morning) Seriously though these works scream creativity and sheer genius of vision. Bloody mind-blowingly superb!

  37. rylstone says

    Marvelous creativity, and depravity. I bow to you.

  38. DivinumDea says

    I feel like Alice having fallen down the rabbit hole and landing in Wonderland !!
    Your photo gallery is beyond description, but I’ll give it a go, it is erotically whimsical in parts , made me smile at the traditionally English scenarios with a huge dose of naughtiness and it’s all just genius level creatively

    Thank you for sharing them xx

  39. A pleasant half hour spent visiting this gorgeous compilation of truly original fresh imagery that shouts of comfort in costume theme and brave nudity. An eye for precise precision very evident. But question Troupe: Where now?
    Loving this work.
    Onward Folks.

    • Troupe of Slaves says

      Thank you Chaz, and a good question: I suppose it’s impossible to say, as we’re not quite sure how we arrived here.

  40. It’s hard to define what art is, especially when the lines are blurred between erotica/art/pornography, that whole argument. But for me personally, your work screams art with a capital A. It’s a glorious celebration of all things kink, it’s damn funny, it’s lovely to look at and above all it made me stop and think. Many thanks for that :)

  41. I found you on fet.

    Love your work!!

  42. I absolutely love your art gallery photos. There is so much amazing erotic tension, and the models are just lovely. Have you ever considered having an actual art show of this nature on tour. I image that it would be quite popular. Please keep up the great work.

  43. thanks to share your amazing work…

    realy like it. !

  44. Great website, nice to see a proper site with all your work compiled and put togther, was great working with you and hope to do it again soon

  45. Warren Thwing says

    What lovely shots, where can we get your coffee table book??

  46. I don’t know why I’m just now finding you here. But hey, I made it. :)
    Your creativity is only surpassed by the mega talents of you and your Troupe. I’m guaranteed a smile when I see a picture. And I can come back and still get excited over the same image. You’re refreshing. Always unique. Thank you!
    cinde (kunthia on fet)

  47. Your images are fun, tasteful, creative and above all interesting. Fetish done in a humorous way and with a purpose. Every image has been thought out and well executed. Love the spoonerism Hory Tartland.
    If you ever need a photographer to collaborate with let me know. Would be a privilege to work with you guys.
    I’m on fetlife as well: https://fetlife.com/users/3008641

  48. Heck.
    Only just found this place!
    I need to get out more. lol

    Some great photos on these pages. :)

  49. Your wonderful pictures are now a part of the first page of our forum. Thanks to your pictures, we feel that our forum is much improved. Thank you for your permission to use them.

  50. Your scenes are imaginative, beautifully posed and constructed, with great rope and amazing models.
    Congratulations to all of you!


  51. Your pictures have a habit of cheering, even the most dullest of days.

    You have an undefinable knack, of managing to show the characters you are capturing, as very real and being true to themselves. Not posed models trying to act the way to a “look”. I am assuming this is because you are just allowing them to be themselves and are making the themes you set the picture around, work to the ingredients that your differing friends can bring to the mix.

    If not, for gods sakes, get them all an agent. Oscars would quickly follow. For me, a feeling seems to emanate from you work. That all are having a good time. I do hope that is the case?

    For all the natural feel that you allow in your sets, I have still yet to see any pictures you have produced that look in any way unprofessional and certainly none that are in the least unflattering to any of your cast.
    You have a very sharp eye. May it forever continue to be so.

    My respect to you and fondest regards to all that help in your collaborations. For the sake of me and I am sure an awful lot of others, keep up the good work.

  52. Emma Bond says

    This a beautiful picture just as they all are.
    They show a good sense of fun , both from the models and the subs, but also appealing to the viewer of the picture.
    Reading the profile where you take these from an I pad or mobile phone and natural light is inspiring for all up and coming photographers, as it proves you don’t have to have a lot of cash and equipment to make good quality images.

  53. I am in Awe of this group.

  54. CourtesanKate says

    As a privileged member of the cast I’d like to thank Old Master and Skinny Slave.
    I’ve had so much fun and met many wonderful people along the way…
    To my mind it was just meant to be…
    I adore you both and hope to be a part of the many good times to come…

  55. Master Beater says

    I love the thought and preparation that goes into every picture, the humour, style and grace of your models is inspirational not to mention eyewateringly beautiful, a big thumbs up to OM et al XXX

  56. slave.jasmine says

    i love all the work here! Such beauty. You are all very lucky!

  57. Old Master… You lead a Troupe most Poetic, most Hypnotic, most Erotic and Enchanting. I am drawn in to Your world with admiration and delight. Thank You…. Fleur x

  58. ElusiveDream says

    Thanks to all the cast. I also shoot and am always looking for inspiration, and I found it here today. The sky is the limit.

    Thanks for sharing,
    ElusiveDream on Fet

  59. Having been privileged enough to be allowed inside the inner sanctum of OM and no 1 my next goal is to be included within one of these lovely photographs but as you know a true sub neither demands nor expects ;) . I would also add I do like these monochrome photographs. The black and white adds to the style, an excellent choice. I like the reproduction of the Velazquez painting. I have been lucky enough to see the original so I like this very much and more of Miss Max please. The rope work is excellent and the flexibility of skinny is even more impressive. I have to echo the words of those above and say I too am very fond of skinny but also OM for his free thinking and original thought and more importantly his patience with novices. An exceptional couple I am privileged to know. Keep up the good work no 2

  60. Thanks for your remarkable body of work, which has given us much joy over the past few years.
    Your scenes are imaginative, beautifully posed and constructed, with great rope and amazing models.
    I’m especially fond of skinny, MGP and Kate, gorgeous ladies who smile as they go about their work.
    Much respect, Old Master, from a true fan.

  61. your work, as always, is entertaining and dynamic Troupe! i love your determination to take pictures with your phone and THRIVE where others struggle, and the endless ENDLESS (we’ve been friends for how long?) well of pervy inspiration you draw from.

  62. We do LOVE your work very much!!! It is so original !!! We can t thank You and the whole cast enough for sharing this with kinky people like us!!! XXX

  63. I love your images and the stories they tell. Your rigging is “clean” and beautifully quirky… I guess I can’t get enough xx I’m so glad you’ve created this website – congratulations to all of you! (Plus, now I can love everything again :))

  64. im in love of your fantastic work.. completly diferent, funny.. thank you for share
    big kisses

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